Wednesday, September 23, 2009

when the skiff has gas....take her out

when the work day was through six of us jumped into the skiff pulled out of the dock and went for a pleasure cruise. The sun was high, the breeze was...well the breeze was artificial...and we needed to get the heck out of the house! I grabbed some old cowboy boots, sunglasses, and my camera, sat back and enjoyed the ride. I love cruising down the canal observing boat decks and always amazed by how peaceful and at home I feel. The backyards vary in depth. Some houses creep right up to the water front while other houses fall back behind the trees and other tropical plant life. Giles, our boat dog, also jumped in on the fun and even entertained us with a little show sporting sunglasses...he felt like a top dog...and he knew it! All and all it was a fun go around...I miss everyone a lot. I send hugs kisses and love! xoxox PS. the house mates are letting me one by one floss their teeth...c'mon what treatment right?? and I told them that I would even do it for free!! gosh I am nice...but really they are doing me a great service by allowing me in their mouth (haha) and getting much appriciated practice!! I love flossing!

And the Engines Roar

Oh Yeah! Today we started the twin diesel engines of the Southern Wind. She roared to life one engine at a time. The sound vibrated through all of our bodies lightening our souls and re-igniting our passion to sail into open waters.
As our hands flew in the air clapping and waving with joy, neighbors who have been unwavering in support stood close behind cheering, hollering, and whistling with matching excitement. Today was a big step for Floating Doctors and a motivating event that really holds no words. Next up: Hoisting the sails!