Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mimosa Sunday

Phew...I threw my hands in the air as I peaked my head through my bedroom curtains...the sun was shinning, no clouds, and I could smell coffee!! Life couldn't get much better than this. I jumped out of bed, stream-lined it right for the coffee maker, and sat myself out on the patio to enjoy the morning's beauty. Okay so the sun was blaring and I was sweating as I forced myself to drink the entire cup of coffee....oooo I miss the fog in San Francisco! Michelle, Justin, Graham and I decided that we were going to go for a mini road trip....we made some lefts hand turns, some right hand turns, followed the coast line, paid a two dollar toll, blared some crazy LA music, and ended up at JAVA JOINT! ( their motto is: come for the coffee..stay for the joint) haha The four of us ordered coffee, mimosas, four dishes to share and sat in bliss. Our view was a vast ocean of turquoise blue, white puffy clouds, and a breeze that kept the beaded sweat to a minimum. Heaven...the waitress loved us sooo much (okay so maybe it was Justin's devilish smile and wink) that she gave us an extra round of mimosas to keep the Sunday vibe rock'n. After a few hours of laughs, good food, coffee, and an umbrella fiasco we hopped back in the car rolled down the windows and coasted all the way back home. Like a true family of 12 and only one car to go around we pulled up into our driveway only to pass the keys along to the next passengers headed out to a fun day at the beach. Michelle and I took the time to spritz some lemon juice in our hair in attempt to introduce some all natural highlights to the hair...oooo very natural! Graham and Justin took care of the corona and limes. We all sat chill'n to music around the pool. The sun on my face, music playing in my ear, good friends all around me and I couldn't imagine a better place to be in my life right now....then a dark cloud covered the sky, cast a deep shadow over our bodies, and dumped (i mean dumped) water all over us. Oh the luck we have on our days of is just CRAZY! Being stubborn and not giving up on the chance to be outside we all made a wild entrance into the pool. we splashed around, synchronized swam, tried to pull off a four person upside down hand stand linking all our feet together (okay so it didn't really work out the way we imagined), and played underwater telephone. i think this afternoon was a true display of college graduates at their best. haha. Oh to be 24 years old. After our fun in the sunny raining thunder and lighting day we all cuddled on the couch for a movie. now, as I near the end of my free-day I am putting on actual clothes so that I can make an ever exciting trip to the Target, Books a Million, and the ever so wonderful Walmart. Florida has so much to do I am not sure if I will ever be able to complete all its wonders.....hmmmm. I have been thinking a lot about home. I miss California more and more every day. I continually thank everyone for their continued prayers. xoxoxo